Any hour

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Any hour



Crossing the border, stroked whith consciousness.

Its the sekret of´n ape mind, on your nervs”

  We try it together In a common sens of reality The Doppler effects you  all the time    Vers 2

So come and se me the holy soul has spoken. The shadows reflect it  in your mind.

We stand in a doorway You were abandoned property.

We Done it together, i was signed   

Ref: Any way so far we go. Togethernes is a scary move  Wanna try to break that point  We are here in a battle  In our combat zon   Stick: Knocking on the floor and lisen to the sky  focus on the surfice and divin into the kronosline   Any hour Any time you put a  spell on me Any hour on my knees into eternalty.   Any hour Any time you try to skreeave my namn.  Any hour any time i gona be the same.